IntiQuan is known for its efficient and high-quality conduct of modeling and simulation analyses.

The basis for our efficiency is the tight interlock between external expert tools like NONMEM/Monolix, and our own R-based workflow tools. That allows us in principle to set up an entire analysis from initial data exploration to the final Word report in a single R script, making all results fully reproducible at any point in time.

Our tools are available to our customers and to other interested parties. However, in our daily experience, the installation and validation of all required software, reporting and R packages in the correct versions can be challenging.

IQdesktop solves this problem by directly shipping our computational environment, as we use it in-house, to your system.

IQdesktop is a docker image that makes use of state-of-the-art virtualization techniques. It runs on Windows 10, Mac, Linux, Linux clusters or Cloud-based systems, such as AWS.