12 Public

IQdesktop is available in two different settings:

The Public Version is fully functional and comes with the following settings:

  • Selected settings in the configuration file are ignored
    • Username is: user
    • User ID is: 4242
    • User has no sudo rights
    • No VNC encryption
    • Default template for IQReport
    • IQR Tools compliance mode disabled
    • Theme: dark
    • VNC connection only. No SSH.
  • No validation information and without status “validated”
  • Version number is: PUBLIC
  • Only a single version ‘latest’ available on docker hub which might not match any of the controlled versions

The Controlled Versions:

  • Are versioned by well defined version number
  • Are fully validated and display the validation information and status.
  • Allow full control of all configuration file settings
  • To gain access to controlled versions of IQdesktop, contact for more information