4 Backup & Disaster Recovery

An important assumption is that the IQdesktop solution considers the virtual system as the working horse, providing the workflow tools, the computational power by the host system, and allowing the analyst to conduct the work to be done.

Storage of any data, models, or results should not happen on the virtual system and backup of files on the virtual system is not done. Transient storage is allowed. Several possibilities to efficiently and easily handle transient storage, long term storage, and backup exist:

  • Storage only outside the container via shared volumes, cloud buckets or blobs, etc.
  • Transient storage with synchronization to the outside (via shared volumes and ideally a version control system such as git)

This means that backup and disaster recovery is outside of the scope of the IQdesktop solution, which is not a limitation but very well in-line with pretty much any well set-up HPC environment. Transient storage is allowed, long term storage has to happen outside.