17 First login

After logging in the first time it is suggested to change the password. Both your user’s password and the password for the VNC access.

17.1 Changing user password

Change the “startup password” to something more secret (the config file contains it in plain text). This is done as follows:

  • Open a terminal and type passwd
  • Enter your startup password first
  • Enter your new password twice

The user password is only needed in cases where you would use SSH to connect to IQdesktop.

17.2 Changing VNC password

Upon starting IQdesktop the VNC password is also set to the “startup password”, defined in the config file. The VNC password can be changed as follows:

  • Open a terminal and type vncpasswd
  • Enter your new VNC password twice
  • A “view-only” password is generally not needed - unless you have a use for it.

The VNC password needs to be provided when connecting to IQdesktop using VNC.