11 Starting IQdesktop

Below it is shown how to start IQdesktop on a local installation. How to start it on a local server or in the cloud will depend on your organization’s specific setup and thus cannot be shown here in general.

  • More information about multi-user systems is given in Multi User Environment.
  • An example of how the process could look in the case of a cloud setup is shown here.

On your local system, open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you have stored the configuration file and execute:

docker-compose --file my-iqdesktop-config.yml up 

Replace my-iqdesktop-config.yml with the name you gave your config file.

If everything is correctly set up, you will see a message similar to the following (note that the message might be different as new versions of IQdesktop become available):

Once started, you can close the Window and are ready to connect to IQdesktop.